A I N U P A L M U light art and design ART  ainu@ainupalmu.net
The Swan is an exploration to the idea of seing a two dimensional shape formed of dots that are situated in three dimensions. The Swan was also set to the scenery following the shape of what really was there to bring out a new image. The Swan was a light art work made for Beepositive festival in Vilnius.
iIt was a site specific piece in extend that one visitor of the festival told me that his perception of the Swan was that it arouse straight from the place itself. When other art works of the festival were objects in the area, the Swan was part of the nature. Opening night: 9th of October 2015 in Vilnius, Beepositive Festival
The site was an area where there was a conservated old farm village. The Swan was situated on one side of the main road crossing the area. People were able to approach it from either direction from the paved road or from the direction of the damp by a walkpath. There was only one place where the light dots formed a shape of a bird taking off to her wings. Visitors of the festival knew that, it was instructed for them in the leaflets and all other information about the festival. Designing of the Swan happened in Helsinki. I got photographs and site plans from the festival organizers aswell as detailed information about distances etc. Site of the Swan was no. 7 on the plan on left.
I made a sketch about how I would like it to look and a small scale model to work with. The organizers bought material before hand and I went there 3 days before the opening to build it up.