A I N U P A L M U light art and design STAGE  ainu@ainupalmu.net
The name of this project is Finnish meaning the Red String. It uses the myth of Minotaur as the source of content but uses it freely. Second strong motif of the play is rope. It is used as an analogue of different kinds of relationships.
The play was made to tour schools. My work was to create a stage set and light design where possible use of space was 8m x 8m. Another limiting aspect was the fact that there will not be certainty of any rigging points. The places of performance were to be mostly gym halls so I took that in consideration when selecting colours.
The director Tuoas Laitinen and "drama adviser" Katariina Numminen are both part of Reality Research Centre. Their approach to theatre is very unorthodox and the process was extremely interesting and involving in all of its stages. The production company Totem Teatteri has often taken risks in what they think is suitable for kids. Director: Tuomas Laitinen
Drama: Katariina Numminen
Workshop planning: Louna-Tuuli Luukka
Light and set design: Ainu Palmu
Costumes, video and photography: Milla Martikainen
Sound design: Johannes Vartola
Drawing: Joonas Lehtimäki
Performers: Pasi Lappalainen ja Päivi Rissanen
Technicians: Ilpo Heikkinen/Pauli Riikonen/Johannes Vartola/Markus Heino
Production: TOTEM-teatteri
Premiere 29.1.2014 Espoo, Finland