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Jouni Ihalainen

Pinta / Surface
Pinta is a solo for one aerial acrobat. The process of making the piece was ideal in the sense of sharing ideas. Workgroup consisted of people who are all confident with their own expertiece and everybody was sharing their thoughts freely with others regardless of what element of a scenic art piece their idea was about. Concept: workgroup
Direction: Ville Walo
Performer: Salla Hakanpää
Light design: Ainu Palmu
Sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä
Costume and set design: Anne Jämsä
Underwater camera:Teemu Liakka
Editing: Matias Boettge
Production: WHS and Zero Gravity Company
Co-production: Cirko - Center for New Circus
Supported by:
Finnish Cultural Foundation's Uusimaa Regional Fund, Helsinki City
Cultural Office, Arts Promotion Cetre Finland, Arts Council of Uusimaa,
Alfred Kordelin Foundation Premiere 30.10.2013 Cirko - Center for New Circus, Helsinki, Finland Pinta received Sirkuksen Lumo - price. Excerpt from the bulletin:" Jury explaines that Pinta has elegant dramatic structure and its visual creativity was developed to its finest. " ( translation by AP )