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PINK CARAVAN See it in different light! Caravan travels around a town and camps in one place for one night and shines it to pink. For that one night the public institution is playful and agreeable. In Lux Helsinki there were 5 different locations. They were National Theater of Finland, Main Railway station , Helsinki Universitys new library building Kaisa house, Helsinki Universtiys greenhouse in Kaisaniemi and Bank of Finland. Visual art: Ainu Palmu Composer: Aake Otsala Producer: Sun Effects Opening night: 24.1.2013 Lux Helsinki Second coming in Anti Festival, Kuopio, Finland 2013
Pink Caravan visirws also ANTIfestival In Kuopio, Finland. The camps were by Savonia, the Old Kuopio museum, Court House, Corner of Work and Market Hall.