Light, sound and performative art piece

Let the world be pink, say the pink creatures, and that it shall be!


light: Ainu Palmu

sound: Aake Otsala

pink creatures yr. -13 Ainu Palmu, Teo Lanerva, Miika Riikonen

yr. 2022 June Horton-White, Norah Hamad


Year of completion: 2013

Lux Helsinki and ANTIfestival Kuopio, Finland

Third coming in 2022 Lux Helsinki


Materials: LED light, control, sound system, pink overalls with light

Lux Helsinki 2022,

Suvilahti, Kattilahalli

photo: Petri Anttila

 Lux Helsinki 2013 5 different nights, 5 locations. Those were: National Theater of Finland, Main Railway station , Helsinki Universitys new library building Kaisa house, Helsinki Universtiys greenhouse in Kaisaniemi and Bank of Finland.

Manuela Roth:

Pink Up Your Life!

The World of Pink Design

Brown publishing

Pink Caravan visited also ANTIfestival in Kuopiossa 2013.

Old Kuopio museum, Old Courthouse, Työn Kulma, Savonia and Market Hall.