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JÄÄLLE / TO ICE Light in shadow In this work, the viewer submits voluntarily to a shocking experience. Moving our own shadows, we may see the different forms they take independent of us. Later, our shadows become filled with a new substance. The work seeks to affect people in a manner similar to music. Viewers are placed in a position where their backs – their unprotected side – is against technical looking objects. Being aware that the objects will soon come to life, they can feel events in both their mind and their body. The contact with the physical person who causes these events is indirect, but the reactions to the events are genuine. --- Work has two basic elements of light, a set of par cans which heat the visitor and another, which creates the image of melting layer of ice. The par cans are situated inside a cage with a a shaker which reacts to the movement of the visitor. Shaking par cans make a lot of sound and shiver to the light. The whole installation was interactiove with the visitor. Visual work: Ainu Palmu Sound design and interaction: Tuomas Norvio Production: Sun Effects Premiere 4.1.2014 Lux Helisinki, LuxIn, Cabel Factory, Merikaapeli hall, Helsinki
To Ice has sound and sensors. Demo version of The Ice, seen below, is inspecting only the light part of the installation. Demo of THe Ice was realized in stage of Zodiak, Centre of New Dance, Helsinki.