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LIGHT ART interactivity, sharing realization STAGE WORK lighting and set design, projection content, concept
IKKUNAT / DREAM VIEW / Unelmagalleria Common experience in lockdown. Shared dreams on a window. 2020 WINNERS A light art installation about future world with extremely small diversity. All the animals are sokratean ideas of what we have now; a general mammal, a general bird and so on. Will be shown on light art festival Reflector Kivinokka in Helsinki october 2018 BESOS A light art installation to a residental buildings Taubenkuja in Kruunuvuori district, Helsinki Will be ready sometime before 2024. Light Design Collective, AnttinenOivaArkkitehdit
REFLECTORS: THE VEIL PROJECT The Veil Project is a contemporary circus piece about inner speech and the search of a clear thought. Permiere in September 2020. REFLECTORS: VALOMATKA / A JOURNEY OF LIGHT 2016 contemporary circus duet for one performer, her shadow and animated characters. Cirucs artist: Salla Hakanpää Directional assistance: Essi Rossi Sound design: Markus Heino Costume design: Anne Jämsä Concept, dramaturge, animation and light: Ainu Palmu
THE SWAN, Light Art Tour and the HEART Light art installations with mutual concept idea Light Art Tour in Northern Ostrabothnia 2017 The Swan, Beepositive Festival Vilnius, 2015 Sydän / The Heart, Oulu 2013
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OTHER THINGS related Short art movies: BELOVED part 1, 2 and 3 US PHOTOGRAPHY pictures ANIMATION Commercial and non-commercial animation
CV in text JÄÄLLE / TO ICE Interactive light- and sound installation Lux Helsinki, LuxIn 2014 Together with Tuomas Norvio PINK CARAVAN Light installlations Lux Helsniki 2013 Anti Festival 2013 in Kuopio, Finland SIVUHENKILÖT / SIDEKICKS 2016 Performance combining contemporary circus and theatre Dramaturge Eira Virekoski Director Alma Lehmuskallio Set and costume design Janne Vasama Sound design Joonas Outakoski Light and video design Ainu Palmu Performers Henna Kaikula, Milla Järvinen, Saku Mäkelä and Ulla Raitio PINTA / SURFACE 2013 contemporary circus solo Performer Salla Hakanpää Director Ville Walo Set and costume design: Anne Jämsä Sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä Light design: Ainu Palmu SOUNDSCAPES, Galleria Jangva 2011 Kajo collective light and sound installation FOOTNOTES 2009-2013 contemporary circus solo Cirkus artist: Ilona Jäntti Sound design: Tuomas Norvio Costume design: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila PANOPTICON Performance art/contemporary dance Chor. and concept: Johanna Tuukkanen and Pirjo Yli-Maunula Stage set and costumes: Heidi Kesti Sound: Anssi Laiho Light and video content: Ainu Palmu REQUIEM Composition and lyrics: W.A. Mozart Poetry:Tomas Tranströmer Choreography and recite: Jorma Uotinen Dance: Pori Dance co. Riku Lehtopolku, Riikka Tankka, Meri Tankka Light and set design: Ainu Palmu Conductor: Jamew Lowel Hedvig Paulig: soprano Wivian Nygård-Fagerudd, mezzosoprano Juha Uusitalo: bass voice Vaasa Opera choir Vaasa City Orchestra