Light art pieces From three to two dimensions

Light dots in space create a two dimension image when seen from the right spot.


Esiteltyjen töiden lisäksi pistetöitä on ollut esillä Lento -niminen työ Valotaiteen Viikonlopussa Vallisaaressa Helsingissä v. 2018 ja Syksyt on lähtöjä -nimisenä Espoo Visual Festivaaleilla v. 2019.

THE SWAN Year of completion: 2015. Bepositive -light art festival in Vilnius, Lithuania It was a site specific work which was made to a scene on a stream, forest and field Materials: wood rim, battery powered LED lights
SMILE In Smile the light dots are arranged to a shape of a heart and they change colour when two people meet on the yard. Piece is a comission from contractor YIT and it is planned to be completed in summer of 2022 Technical manager: Sun Effects ltd.
LOISTAVA POHJOIS-POHJANMAA The light-art roadshow Loistava Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, the name of which translates as SHINING, LUMINOUS NORTH OSTROBOTNIA, was produced by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and took site-specific light art into the villages and towns in this region. Oulu, Kuusamo, Pudasjärvi, Ii, Utajärvi, Kempele, Ylivieska, Pyhäjärvi, Tyrnävä and Raahe. Working group: Curatos: Jukka Huitila Light artist: Ainu Palmu Artist: Heidi Kesti Technician: Tuomas Turpeenoja producer: Leevi Lehtinen Supported: Suomi100, Arts promotion centre, Oulun city, Oulun municipal and Oulun energia Materials: Battery powered camping lanterns, approximately. 40 pices Lamp shaders made of recycled plastic by Heidi Kesti Microphone stands Size: Scaling from 3m to 25m of width and depth, height 20cm-3m

Kempele, Junttilan tila


Former capmus of teachers education





Burning heart


Hiisi (a spirit of a place in Finnish mythology)


Interactive light art


A heart shape is seen to form from light dots by prayer mills. Rolling those mills make the whole park change colour.


Year of Complition: 2013


Sydän oli yksi Valoa Oulu! festivaalin töistä vuonna 2013.


Ligt art: Ainu Palmu

Interactivity: Tuomas Norvio

Light design: Priit Tiimus

Production: Sun Effects ltd.

Kuvaaja: Jussi Tuokkola

Jussi Tuokkola

Jussi Tuokkola

JP Manninen