A I N U P A L M U light art and design STAGE  ainu@ainupalmu.net
Footnotes started year 2008 when it was a school work for Ilona Jänttis studies in Laban.
She asked for a visual clues from which she would create a short stage performance. I was at the time interested in tore down buildings and send a photo of one with some drawings. From that material Ilona created the long trapeze. At first her thought was to create frames of rooms with two long poles. There is a photo of that stage below, the one where Ilona wares a red dress.
Later the routine on long trapeze chrystallized to be without the other pole. It was used as part of stage performance Svartisen. The colourful photo about that is also below.
The final version of Footnotes was made 2010 with sound designer Tuomas Norvio and costume designer Karoliina Koiso - Kanttila. Performer: Ilona Jäntti
Light design: Ainu Palmu
Sound design: Tuomas Norvio
Costume design: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila Link to a video of Footnotes. Password: footnotes