Commissioned design of a concept of a light art to a recidential area

Home gives you kisses (besos in Spanish) when you arrive or leave




Light design: Jari Vuorinen, Light Design Collective

Architecture: Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit oy









Concept design included written description and visualizations of the idea of light art in staircases and main entrances of residential houses. It also included the priciple of technical solution of the light art concept.

Visualization of the lighting in staircases LED strip was used as an elemnt of warming and colour changing light in the staircases. Colour and intensity of light is connected to the sensor of main entrance door.

Living home building


Front door is equiped with sensors which react to the coming and going of people in the main entrance.


Light operating system gets an impulse from the sensors.


Colour and intensity changes. Annual festivities are also included to how and to what shades the colours are changing


Colour and intesity changes can be seen from the outside, too.


Above are visualizations.


To left a photo of the realization of the area.