Ainu Palmu B E L O V E D eläimenä kuvaus: Antti Tuomas Seppänen musiikki: Ainu Palmu and Tuomas Norvio äänisuunnittelu: Tuomas Norvio ohjaus: Ainu Palmu valmistumisvuosi: 2020 Tukee:
Beloved are human animals, creatures with their skin, flesh and bright eyes; bare of signs of status. We see these human animals in their emotional juxtaposes trying to find the other. These films are are all about different ways of love as they unfold the animal in human. Humans are one of the many mammal spieces of the Earth and Beloved takes its inspiration from nature documentaries as much as from avant-garde animated films. Beloved are not dance films, music videos or have a category other than creations. Beloved are three non-verbal movement conversations. Beloved invites viewers to create the narrative to the construction of scenes. Poetry of Beloved are made with the presence of the performers, moving image manipulation and music. Parts ONE, TWO and THREE all present a different situation and are interrelated but not linked to each other. Performers are of different practices of stage skills. Esete Sutinen is a contemporary dancer and Eira Virekoski a dramaturg. They are the performers of Beloved one. Beloved two has acrobat Saku Mäkelä and actor Ulla Raitio. In Beloved three there are two dancers, a dancer and acrobat Riia Kivimäki and a contemporary dancer Nina Viitamäki. Cinematography is made by Antti Seppänen, music and sound design by Tuomas Norvio and Ainu Palmu and direction and editing by Ainu Palmu.
part ONE DURATION 4:30 performers: Esete Sutinen and Eira Virekoski
part TWO DURATION 5:00 performers: Saku Mäkelä and Ulla Raitio
part THREE DURATION 4:14 performers: Riia Kivimäki and Nina Viitamäki
Beloved are made to be shown with two projectors side by side. There are one screen versions of them, too. If you want to see Beloved, please send an e-mail to ainupalmu(at) and we'll send a link to the video with password.
 US performers Pirjo Yli-Maunula and Johanna Tuukkanen 2017 Premiere in NYC MIX 2017 New York city USA, since then shown Kallio Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland in July 2017 KQFF filmifestival Seoul, South-Korea, August -17
If you want to see Us, please send an e-mail to ainupalmu(at) and we'll send a link to the video with password. Ainu Palmun sivustolle  ainupalmu{at}